At Robin Hood Theatre we completely revamped our support for new writing in 2018. In April, we inaugurated a script development group called Play Group, which meets monthly at the theatre.

Full details and all the dates for the 2018-19 season are contained in our script development leaflet, which can be opened by clicking the link below.

In September, we opened our script submission window, which gave East Midlands based writers aged 16 and above the opportunity to submit a full-length stage play to our panel of readers.

After much deliberation, our reading panel met in January 2019 and selected three scripts, extracts from which were given a rehearsed reading at the theatre on February 25th.

The three plays selected for this event were:
Lady of the House - Scott Watson.
The Library Siege - Barry Wood.
Wet Patches - Linda Nicklin.

These were performed by a group of experienced RHT actors and all came across very well, making it hard for our Board to select a winner.

They eventually chose Barry Wood's play, The Library Siege, which will be given a three-night run in our New Works slot at the theatre in spring 2020. Dates and full details to be confirmed.

Huge thanks to all who entered our script submission and to our secretary, reading panel, actors and board members for giving their time to make this event such a success.

We regret that we do not have the resources to offer feedback to unsuccessful entrants but they are welcome to attend our script development group for constructive comments.

We feel Robin Hood is offering a level of support for new writing that is not often provided by amateur theatres and we are very excited about the new initiatives we launched in 2018.

If you have any queries please contact us